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Find a Dance Music House DJ or Dance Music Artist

Do you have a favourite dance musicDJ? Are you wondering where the best DJs are playing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or other Australian city? Check out The Funky Way's DJ listing for details of local, Australian and International dance and House music DJs, bands and artists. Click here for more.

Pubs, Dance Music and Funky House Clubs and Venues

Are you new to Sydney or Australia? Are you tired of the same old venue, pub, club or event? Have a look at The Funky Way's directory of pubs, clubs, events, festivals, club nights and find a new and exciting place to dance and party. Click here for more.

Listen to Funky Dance / House Music

Want to listen to some great dance music? Find a great online or broadcast source for funky dance and house music on our music page. On The Funky Way's music page you can listen to the latest and most popular tunes via broadcast and online radios and TV stations, vinyl retailers and more. Click here for more.

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DJ Gear / DJ Equipment

Looking for advice on what DJ gear to buy? Want to know the best place to buy DJ equipment? A great resource whether you're just starting out or a veteran DJ. Click here to check out The Funky Way's DJ gear page. Also check out our gallery of exotic turntables.


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Party Pictures /Photo Gallery

Have you been out clubbing at a dance music or house club night recently? Perhaps The Funky Way took your photo and it is inour gallery. Use the menu above or click here to find your picture.

The Funky Way's Goo Page

This is a classics piece of mindless fun where you play with pictures and photos of celebrities and mess up their faces. Simply navigate your way to the page and drag your mouse over the pictures to start having fun. Click here for more.

Fun and Games

Are you looking toplay games or even find out the rules to games? What's your favourite game? Do you like Pacman or isTetris more your thing? How about cards? Texas Hold'Em Poker, Canasta or Solitaire; It's all there on The Funky Way's Fun and Games page. Tons of games and links to choose from, click here for more.

Fun and Games

Funny and Curious Pictures

The Funky Way has put together a collection of some of thefunniest and the strangest pictures on the web. Click here to browse The Funky Way'spicture gallery and have a laugh.

The Funky Way's Jokes Page

If you liked ourfunny pictures, wait until you read our collection of jokes. Do yourself a favour and read Frank's chilli eating contest. If you're not crying with laugher by the end check to make sure that you have a pulse. Click here for more.

The Funky Way's Audio Gallery

Do you like Samuel L. Jackson, Austin Powers' Fat Bastard or The Simpson's' Chief Wiggum?Click here for a selection of sound boards of these people and more. Please note : Most of these files are around 1Mb and broadband is recommended.

The Funky Way's Philosophy Page

See what TFW is all about and read some inspirational thoughts and quotations. Click Here for more



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Check our gallery of exotic turntables/ record players / decks. Clickhere for more.

Turntables sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide 1210 technics

Turntables sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide 1210 technics Turntables sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide 1210 technics Turntables sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide 1210 technics Turntables sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide 1210 technics

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